In life, we as humans, can face many difficulties, BUT donít be discouraged. Everything is POSIBLE through GOD.

                               The life I live

Ghana 2010 - Akwaaba / Welcome/Zaare

                    Do woyunku se wohu. love one another as thy self.

Life, Life, Life, thats all the world is about. Smily show some love.

TO LOVE IS NOTHING, TO BE LOVED IS SOMETHING, TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IS EVERYTHING. LOVE counts. love and you will be loved. love one another.

MAY 18, 2010 to JAN 3, 2011. First time of visiting Orlando, Florida am loving it. with the surport of DISNEY WORLD that provides me with transportations. I think that is great.

So my time of being at Disney World, I happened to lose my mother and no one really knows what exactly happened to her because she was not sick. Only God knows why it happened the way it did. I had to go to Ghana in November of 2010 for her funereal. I love and missed her so much.

This year 2014, I lost my Grand mother who raised me. I was preparing for her to come to the State to visit me but it looks like it is not going to happened.


so my wedding is approching and am five good months away. it getting scarey and fun at the same time. to be honest i am excited about it. i cant believe am getting married.

11/30/14 So on 9/5/14 I got married to my wonderful husby I dearly loves him. the wedding was a success it was everything I could ask for. Its been three momths since the wedding, I am enjoying marriage life so far. I pray to God that He make it last as long us we both lives.  



 My life is going well right now and I thank the Almighty God for all that He is doing in my life. I Thank Him for being part of me and my love one’s life. I wish my Mother Comfort Larbi is her to see my improvement that am making rite now. Age 26, going I got two jobs, working for my school, and CPES, it feels great. I have my own Apt as well; pay $674 a month, moved out of my dad and his GF place on February 3, 2012 after five years living with them in the USA.

I am very grateful with what I have and what I am achieving as of now. I never saw myself driving but the wonders of God I have my driver license and have my own car. Thank You Lord for all that you are doing and what you plan to do. I will be graduating from college next May 2013 with my AA and transfer to NAU for BA in Public Administration.


I miss my grandmother and my son soo much, and I know the my Lord is taking good care of them for me to go meet them again in the near future. March 29, 2012. 


2/18/2014. So as I have mentioned before about my graduation, I actually graduated with my AA and A in B in 2013. As of today I am willing to open my own hair braiding business so I am taking classes to learn how to own and operate a business. Also, am taking a class that I will get sponsored to start my business. 

I will be getting married this year on Sept 5, 2014 with a man that i met at work when I came back to AZ from FL. we met on Sept 5, 2011 and that is the day we will be getting married.